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The goal of My Spark Denver is to increase access to extracurricular activities that can have positive benefits for youth. The program does that by providing funds directly to students and families so that they can choose the youth activities that they’re most interested in.  Enrolled families will receive a $1,000 debit card that can only be used to enroll their student in one of the Athletics & Beyond programs. After a student and their family have received their My Spark Card, they can sign up for Athletics & Beyond afterschool programs of their choice.



Athletics & Beyond Basketball program offers personal skills training, player development for athletes ranging from the youth to pro level and AAU basketball (17U, 13U & 9U). Our coaches have both collegiate and pro experience and is very detail oriented with their approach to the game and coaching preparation.

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2024 A&B Elite Tryouts 


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A&B Elite Staff

Our mission is to be the go-to resource for player skill development and youth basketball organizations in Denver, Colorado. We also take great pride in our desire to be the leading authority on youth development. helping our athletes become exceptional community members and role models while also helping them achieve academic success in the classroom.

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