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The goal of My Spark Denver is to increase access to extracurricular activities that can have positive benefits for youth. The program does that by providing funds directly to students and families so that they can choose the youth activities that they’re most interested in.  Enrolled families will receive a $1,000 debit card that can only be used to enroll their student in one of the Athletics & Beyond programs. After a student and their family have received their My Spark Card, they can sign up for Athletics & Beyond afterschool programs of their choice.


Mile High Tumblers 5280

Mile High Tumblers 5280 started July, 2011 with the Denver Broncos at their first professional opening game. Tumbling started with a dream, turned into a passion, became stronger, and developed into talent. A talent that is new, exciting, and athletic enough to challenge and get our creative juices flowing. With these skills, it creates the perfect job for all athletes that love to perform and want to learn. 

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Head Coach

Ozell Williams Jr.

Ozell Williams Jr. is a professional tumbler, entertainer and entrepreneur, having coached multiple recreational and competitive sports for over ten years. He has hosted multiple classes, clinics, and camps over the world. He is a motivational speaker, designer, producer, and is still an athlete. Williams is a self-taught tumbler and well-rounded athlete. Some of his records to show for it include Cheerleading Nationals Champion and being part of Team USA Coed Cheer - Gold Medalists. He is now a two-time Guinness Book of World Record Holder – Most Number of Flips (57) and  with the Harlem GlobeTrotters (Flying Globies). He’s been on America’s Got Talent and has a YouTube Video Sensation: First Tumbler in The World in his era with over 2.4 million views, and more. He's a diehard tumbler by choice!

Ozell Williams is an experienced business owner with a demonstrated history of working in the communities, entertainment, and sports industry. Skilled in Management, Tumbling, Social Media, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Entertainment. A strong entrepreneur and business development professional with a Bachelor's degree focused in Communication from University of Colorado Boulder. He is set on giving back to the community and more through Tumbling. 

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