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The goal of My Spark Denver is to increase access to extracurricular activities that can have positive benefits for youth. The program does that by providing funds directly to students and families so that they can choose the youth activities that they’re most interested in.  Enrolled families will receive a $1,000 debit card that can only be used to enroll their student in one of the Athletics & Beyond programs. After a student and their family have received their My Spark Card, they can sign up for Athletics & Beyond afterschool programs of their choice.

USA Boxing All-Stars is an amateur boxing program for students who want to keep fit, learn boxing as a skill, for self-defense or participate in amateur bouts. The initial focus is foundation training that teaches the fundamentals and the drills that cut the learning curve in half. From there you will learn boxing basics including correct stance, standard punching combinations, and essential defensive/offensive techniques followed by correct foot and hand placement, basic footwork and combinations, and how to move in the ring while throwing punches.

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Head Coach

Everette Elliston

Olympic Style and Pro- Style Boxing Coach

Level 3 Coach

Green Level Coach

Aiba International Coach

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